Financial Reporting

Valuation advisory for business combinations, impairment testing, fair valuation for IFRS or IND-AS adoption
  • Business Combinations
  • Fair Value Accounting – IFRS & IND AS
  • Fresh Start Accounting
  • Impairment Testing
  • Portfolio Valuations for VCs & PEs
  • Purchase Price Allocations

Plant Equipment Valuation

Our team of experienced chartered engineers and registered valuers have sound knowledge and expertise in various sectors, which enables us to provide clients with plant equipments and machinery valuation or moveable asset valuation across the wide spectrum of sectors.
  • Fair Valuation  – IFRS & IND AS
  • Fixed Asset Componentization
  • Valuation for Insurance
  • Physical Verification & Reconciliation
  • Asset Tracking & Record Management
  • Depreciation Study

Intangible Asset Valuation

Intangible assets were primarily significant in pharmaceuticals, software and aviation sector. But today, as businesses became competitive, a significant expenditure is done on R&D, Brand Development, Marketing etc. Following this trend, many businesses have been able to build significant brand image. Our services are aimed at determining value of intangible assets of various nature.
  • Brands, Trademarks and Patents
  • Licensing Royalty and Franchise Agreements
  • Softwares, Internet Domains, Databases
  • Sports Teams, Players and Celebrities
  • Formulas, Concepts, Designs
  • Intellectual Property

Real Estate Valuation

Our professionals possess a unique combination of accounting, finance and real estate expertise, which assures comprehensive and accurate data review and reporting. Our Real Estate Valuation services are used regularly by Banks, Accounting Firms, Developers, Investors and PE funds seeking advice on their existing projects, proposed acquisitions and even for assets under liquidation.
  • Agricultural Lands
  • Buildings
  • Residential Flats & Plots
  • Industrial Units
  • Commercial Properties