Property, Plant & Equipment Valuation

Tangible and Intangible Asset Valuation Services for all your Valuation Requirements

Real Estate & Property Valuation

Our professionals possess real estate expertise to provide the clients with fair market value appraisals, risk rating in the property’s specific market sector, distressed sale value

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Machinery & Equipment Valuation

Valuations are generally performed prior to the sale of an asset, prior to purchasing insurance for an asset, for understanding the fair value of assets and for other regulatory requirements

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Financial & Intangible Valuation

The unrestrained era of the global marketplace coupled with emerging complexities and competition has changed the dynamics of business management all across.

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Valuation of Unauthorized Building

How is valuation of unauthorized buildings assessed? Before getting straight into the method of valuation unauthorized buildings, first let us understand what is an unauthorized building. A building constructed unlawfully, either without approval or deviated from the approval accorded by the Building Authorities is classified as unauthorized buildings. The various types of unauthorized buildings include: Buildings constructed

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